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Empowering Mobile App Customer Engagement

Power native, In-app ratings and reviews, feedback, customer support, mobile surveys and messaging.
One SDK providing a complete mobile customer engagement solution that earns customer loyalty.

Ratings & Feedback

Improve Ratings, Get Feedback

Customer Feedback

Get & Respond to Customer Feedback


Measure and Analyze

Mobile Surveys

Learn What Users Think

In-App & Push Messaging

Cross Promote and Communicate


Intelligent, Real-time Data Delivery

Get 5 Star Reviews
With The Best Mobile App Rating Widget

Find out what customers think. If they’re not happy, get Feedback and start a conversation!

It Uses App Analytics To Find An App’s Fans • Controlled & Customized From The Dashboard • Real-time • Prompts for 30+ Languages

Customer Feedback Tool
It Builds Customer Loyalty

Two-way, In-App conversations with your mobile customers. Get their feedback, solve issues and build loyalty. A little communication is worth a lot!

Respond From The Dashboard • Real-time • Translate Foreign Feedback

Support Widget

Mobile Polls & Surveys
When You Need Answers Fast

No Need To Guess, Ask Your Users
The Fastest Way To Get Insights And Feedback About Anything.

Easy To Use Survey Editor • Real-time Results • Sophisticated Targeting

In-App Messages
Cross Promote & Communicate

Create Ads, Notices Or Alerts Fast
Why Pay CPMs To Cross Promote Your Apps To Your Users?

Most Effective Way To Leverage Your Install Base • Great Targeting • Easily Localized

The Data You Need
To Understand Your Users

Use Your Data To Remote Control Your Apps
Get The Insights You Need About Who, What, When & Where

Usage • Retention • Demographics • Custom Metrics

Used In Thousands Of Apps
On Over 250 Million Devices

Founded 2012
“We love AskingPoint! It’s brilliant and we’re adding it to more and more of our Apps. It lets us control a Rating Widget in real-time, tweak settings and handles localization for all iOS languages. A lot of stuff we could do, but would rather not spend the time on.”
Brian Greenstone CEO Pangea Software
“I recently discovered AskingPoint, and I’m loving it! I have a series of Apps and I was trying to figure out a better way to cross-promote them. After integrating AskingPoint In-App messages, my overall downloads increased about 25%. This is by far the most effective and most flexible tool for cross-promotion that I’ve come across.”
CJ De Heer CEO Surf City Apps
“AskingPoint has been an essential tool in my app business. It allows me to A/B test Ad Networks, increase my number of app reviews, cross promote my apps, help guide my users' experience with in-app messaging, and track my app analytics in real time. Overall, AskingPoint has cut down the time it takes for me to manage my apps while greatly improving user acquisition and retention.”
Tim Oswald CEO Tim O’s Software

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