About AskingPoint

In Dec. 2011 the AskingPoint founders, who began developing iOS Apps in 2008, saw the need for a SAAS Service for Mobile Apps that did more than simply measure usage and retention. They wanted a way to control and adjust a Rating Widget to target their best users without having to release App updates.

iOS Mobile Apps have a peculiar problem in that updates negatively impact sales and downloads due to the fact that the new version appears to have no ratings. This unfortunate issue is a disincentive to developers to use one of the most effective techniques in other parts of the software world for improving products: rapid iteration.

Thus was Rating Booster and the AskingPoint service born. It has now grown to be used in thousands of Apps on 100’s of Millions of devices. We’re committed to continuing to grow and improve it to be the best service in the world for communicating with your users and remote controlling your Apps!

Cliff Ribaudo

Previously CTO of Beacon Capital Strategies (May 2004 – Dec 2010) where he led the technology team that built and operated an electronic exchange for MBS and ABS securities. See LinkedIn for the rest of Cliff’s work history.

Cliff’s Apps: Cliff is the Author of iPhemeris & iPhemeris Mac which have been in the App Store and under continuous development since 2008. They are leading Apps in their category and often rank around the world in the “Top PAID Reference” category. iPhemeris uses AskingPoint. Cliff also wrote the AskingPoint App.

Kevin Koltzau

A ninja coding dude for whom no problem is insurmountable. He was previously EVP of Server Side Systems at Beacon Capital Strategies. See LinkedIn for the rest of Kevin’s work history.

Kevin’s App: Kevin is the Author of IT Tools which has been in the iTunes App Store since 2008. It is a well reviewed and ranked as a “Top PAID Utility” on iOS for professional network managers, offering: continuous traceroute, DNS lookup, ping, routing tables, ARP tables and more. IT Tools uses AskingPoint.

The AskingPoint Team

We’re a close knit team of butt kicking support, iOS, Android and server side developers. Want to join us? If you’re an awesome developer, shoot us an email!