Mobile App Rating Widget With Feedback Really Works

Hi All, I thought it might be time for another post illustrating just how well the AskingPoint Rating Booster rating widget with Feedback collector has been working for mobile App owners like myself. I use it in my own mobile Apps (I have several) … Read More

Monitor Feedback & Customer Support Widget Activity by Email

Now you can monitor Feedback & Customer Support Widget activity by email! Whenever one of your App’s using the AskingPoint Feedback or Customer Support widget, gets inbound traffic from an end user, you can get emails with all the relevant details. It’s a … Read More

iOS SDK v4.1.5 Released

iOS SDK v4.1.5 Released We posted an update to the iOS SDK today. It addresses a minor issue on iOS 8 and iOS 9 with longer Mobile Surveys. In older SDKs in certain situations after the keyboard is dismissed from entering … Read More

Android SDK v2.0 With Full Push Support Released

We’ve just released Android SDK v2.0.2 with full support for sending Push Messages from the AskingPoint Dashboard. It support both Google GCM and Android ADM. Get the latest SDK from the Android SDK Documentation pages located here: Android SDK v2.0.2. Push messaging … Read More

Why App Store Ratings Really Do Matter

App owners have a general understanding of the importance of App Store Ratings, but are often not aware of all the factors relating to why app ratings really do matter. So, we thought we would dig into the numbers a bit more and … Read More

Android SDK v2.0 BETA Available Now

A BETA version of the AskingPoint Android SDK v2.0 is now available. It includes support for all AskingPoint features except Push Messaging. Push will be added later this week. Supported Features Include: Rating Booster: Use it standalone. Use it with … Read More

iOS SDK v4.1.0 Beta Available Now With Lots of New Features

We’ve just added a Beta of iOS SDK v4.1.0. to the download page. It adds lots of new features to the SDK and enables several new Dashboard features. Please take a look and let us know what you think. Here is a short … Read More