We’ve just released Android SDK v2.0.2 with full support for sending Push Messages from the AskingPoint Dashboard. It support both Google GCM and Android ADM.

Get the latest SDK from the Android SDK Documentation pages located here: Android SDK v2.0.2.

Push messaging is also useful in conjunction with Customer Support widget and Feedback widget. When Push is enabled in Apps and you respond to feedback from the Dashboard, AskingPoint will automatically push your responses back to the device.

Adding Push To Apps

To learn how to configure Android Apps to receive Push messages sent from the Dashboard, see the SDK Documentation located here: Android Push Setup.

Adding Push Credentials To The App Dashboard

To learn how to add Push credentials to the AskingPoint Dashboard to enable sending Push messages to your Apps, see the following Dashboard DocumentationPush Getting Started – Android.

Keep On Coding
Clifford Ribaudo
Founder & CEO

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