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I thought it might be time for another post illustrating just how well the AskingPoint Rating Booster rating widget with Feedback collector has been working for mobile App owners like myself.

I use it in my own mobile Apps (I have several) to help get great ratings, customer feedback and also to support users. All of this is part of the synergistic circle that App’s (particularly paid) absolutely must deploy.

Besides being the Founder & CEO of AskingPoint, I am also the owner/developer of: iPhemeris, the #1 tool for Professional Astrologers. It does the physics, math and astronomy most astrologer can’t do for themselves.

iPhemeris is not free or cheap (as mobile Apps go), but through hard work, attention to detail and use of AskingPoint I’ve turned it into a substantial revenue generator.

Rating Booster Mobile App Rating Widget

The number one thing an App must do is to get rated well and often! It improves your App’s SEO (it’s position in topical or categorical App search) and that is critical for App discovery. Most potential downloaders will not know the name of your App and will have to find it by searching topically. Reviews help move your App to the top of the search results.

Below I show the Rating Booster section of my personal account with the most recent ratings my App received. They are mostly 5 star and from all over the world (my app is localized into 10 languages), I’m proud to say.

Rating Booster Mobile App Rating Widget dashboard


Note: There’s no substitute for building a quality app that works well. This goes without saying, and if you’ve not already done that then I’ll be right up-front and say that there is little AskingPoint can do to help you until you do.

With that caveat, I recommend you add AskingPoint day 1 because:

  • Customers DO look at ratings and if they don’t see any it raises a question mark.
  • Rating frequency and score is used by App stores to rank your App in search. They want customers to have a good experience and push apps with more, better ratings up in results.
  • If used in conjunction with the AskingPoint Feedback collector it can:
    • Quickly alert you to issues.
    • Improve customer perception and relations.
    • Keep harmful complaints off your Ratings page.

Understanding Rating Booster Dashboard

As you can see the dashboard consists of a number of section. The first chart shows:

  • The frequency the Rating Widget is showing for the last 4 versions of your App.
  • How customers respond.

The second chart shows:

  • The correlation between Yes responses and new devices.

The third table shows:

  • All App reviews from all App stores around the world.
  • It has a little translation widget (‘A’ to the left of each review row) that will translate the review into whatever language your browser is using.

This last table is a very handy and shows all reviews from all App stores around the world and is much easier to use than the one Apple provides on the iTunes Connect site. It’s an important tool for monitoring what is going on with Apps and is a general indicator of how well Apps are doing.

App owners should monitor this continuously for issues and complaints.

Using Rating Booster with Feedback Collector

Rating Booster works in conjunction with the AskingPoint Feedback collector. This has 2 main benefits:

  1. It keeps issue, complaints, requests and misunderstandings out of your App store Ratings and Reviews.
  2. It provides a way to support users.

Below I show my Apps actual Feedback collection and response dashboard. When you subscribe to AskingPoint you get one just like it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 11.06.27 AM

This is a great tool for supporting your App users. Even with the many, many, users I have it is not burdensome to provide this level of support. And the benefits are many!

  1. Keep customer misunderstandings off Rating Pages – My App is pretty sophisticated and has lots of documentation, but customers don’t read. It also allows them to save horoscopes to iCloud (iCloud has issues). I hate getting taken to the woodshed when it is not my fault… but it happens all the time. But feedback widget keeps all that out of my reviews. See the AskingPoint Feedback marketing material for full details as to how.
  2. I use it to support users also. It works with Rating Booster App Rating widget to collect feedback which might otherwise become a bad rating. But you can also use it standalone. I connect it to a button so that my users can ask questions if they need.

My AskingPoint dashboard notifies me by email when there are new questions. You can then go to the dashboard to see what’s up, translate the question if needed and respond. It has really helped convert unhappy or confused customers into fans… as you can see from the reviews.

And, if you use AskingPoint Push notifications you can conduct live chat like conversations with users. It’s worked really great for me. I highly recommend you check it out.

Clifford Ribaudo
Founder & CEO

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