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Analytics Controls Everything

AskingPoint Mobile App Analytics is different. It’s tightly integrated it into all our features and enables you to intelligently Remote Control Apps in real-time, from the Dashboard.

For Example: show our Rating widget to users that use an App 3 times a week or more.

Analytics… plus intelligent remote control!

Mr Apptastic

Usage • Retention • Engagement

The most critical metrics needed to understand a Mobile App’s earnings potential and which measure how many users use Apps, how often and for how long. Simply by dropping the SDK into your App, we provide a lot of metrics, including:

  • New Devices
  • New Device Retention
  • Active Devices
  • Average Session Length
  • Active Device Retention
  • Average Sessions per Device
  • Total Devices Sessions

Track Custom Events

AskingPoint Custom Events enable you to track any metric or important event.

Devices And Platform Data

To effectively target marketing strategies and manage the development road map, you need to know which platforms and devices your Apps are used on.


Effective marketing strategies require a good understanding of where Apps are used and what languages users speak.

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