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The Best Customer Feedback Widget

Today, people increasingly do business with you via your Apps. You can’t afford to treat them like second class citizens.

80% of customers make their next purchase based on how you treated them during the previous one.

The AskingPoint Customer Feedback widget helps you ensure they make that next purchase! Here’s how it can help you:

  • Find out what customers want.
  • Learn about their issues.
  • Improve Apps and your services.
  • Respond to customer feedback in real-time.

It improves customer satisfaction, and that means more revenue from your Apps and services! You can’t afford to release your Apps without it!

Support Widget

What It Does

There are multiple ways to use it in Apps:

  • Attach it to a button for easy access.
  • Pop it up in response to a user action or event.
  • Show it during the Rating Prompt sequence.

When customers use it you get the feedback on the AskingPoint dashboard in real-time where you can respond instantly.

You can respond to feedback right from the AskingPoint Dashboard, and AskingPoint is happy to help integrate feedback into your support or issue tracking services.