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AskingPoint In-App Messages

In-App Messages are the most powerful communication tools available to App publishers. Like all AskingPoint features, they are tightly integrated with mobile App Analytics and are controlled and customized from the Dashboard, in real-time.

Try them today and join the thousands of AskingPoint customers that have already used them to get millions of downloads and communicate with 10’s of millions of customers.

Two Types • Multiple Uses

In-App Messages can be text based or use Ad creative and have many uses!

Cross Promotion

In-App Messages are the most cost effective tool publishers have for telling users about your other Apps. It’s a gentle form of advertising that most App users don’t mind seeing occasionally, even in paid Apps.


Every App maker needs an efficient means of communicating with customers. One that is highly targeted, on demand and which only appears at the right time or relevant point in App work flow. In-App messages are the perfect tool.

Easy To Use

AskingPoint In-App Messages are easy to use and most things can be done from the Dashboard in seconds or minutes.

  • Add localized message text for over 30 supported languages.
  • Upload localized Ad Creative for use with In-App promotions.
  • Add custom button text or select a pre-defined, pre-translated action button.
  • Set action targets for buttons and taps.
  • Set targeting rules and target work-flow tags.
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    Once you’ve tried AskingPoint In-App messages you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Track New Installs
Measure Performance

Every message has its own control panel displaying new installs and other important performance metrics.

Everything an App maker needs to measure and monitor customer response.

The Bits And Bytes For Geeks

Get started fast. Simply include the latest SDK in your project, add a few lines of code and you’re ready to send In-App messages.

Rules & Conditions

In-App Messages use the same Tags, Rules & Conditions used by all our features. This makes it easy to target segments of an App’s population and places in App workflow.

Easy To Test

Use the Dashboard test panel to send In-App messages to Test Devices any time.

Great Documentation

It’s all clearly documented in the Support Pages.