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Payload is a truly unique AskingPoint feature that enables delivery of JSON formatted data, in real-time, to your Mobile Apps using our sophisticated targeting and delivery mechanisms. Send data from our Dashboard or your servers.

Delivery can target specific segments of the App user population based on our analytic metrics, and can even be timed to be delivered only when users are using specific features in an App.

Some of the ways AskingPoint customers use Payload:

  • Send configuration data to Apps.
  • Update promotions and offerings.
  • Dynamically turn Ad Providers On or Off.

How will it help you avoid software updates and make your Apps more responsive to the real-time world they are used in?

How It Works

The power of Payload lies in the ability to send highly targeted data to Apps and to do so only when and where it is needed.

It functions like all the AskingPoint features but with the added capability of allowing a JSON payload to be included and updated in real-time.

The Bits And Bytes For Geeks

Payload is managed from the Dashboard.

Rules & Conditions

Use Rules & Conditions to schedule and target segments of an App population.


Use Tags to target activities, actions or location in App workflow.

Easy To Test

Use the handy Dashboard Test panel to fire tests at a test device.

Fully Documented

It’s fully documented with lots of examples in the SDK Documentation.