Push Messaging

Re-Engagement And Mass Communication
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Fast, Reliable, Easy To Use

When you need to reach all your App users with important messages, the AskingPoint Push Messaging center is right there on your Dashboard.

Once it’s integrated into your Apps, sending Push Notifications takes only seconds to do.

Total Control

Send Push messages immediately, or schedule delivery for specific times:

  • A specific time Globally.
  • A specific time in the users time.

You can also control if Push Notifications are seen by users already in the App when it arrives.

Easy To Localize

Localize Push Notifications for more than 30 languages. AskingPoint delivers the right one for the language of the recipient’s device.

And if you need to target a specific language or country, that’s easy too!

Targeting And Segmentation

AskingPoint Push Notifications are integrated with App Analytics, making it easy to segment delivery by various metrics:

  • Language
  • Country
  • App Version
  • OS Version
  • Device Type

Performance Metrics

Performance metrics and statistics for each Push Message are available right on your dashboard.

The Bits And Bytes For Geeks

Get started fast. Simply include the latest SDK in your project, add a few lines of code and you’re ready to send Push.

Rules & Conditions

Our Push Notification service uses the same type of Rules & Conditions all our other features use. This makes it easy to target segments of an App’s population.

Easy To Test

Use the Dashboard Test Panel to send Push to Test Devices any time.

Great Documentation

It’s all clearly documented in the Support Pages.