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Gets 5 Star Ratings with the Smart Rating Prompt For Mobile Apps
It Uses Analytics To Find Your App's Fans
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Get 5 Star Ratings
With The Best Mobile App Rating Widget

It gets great Ratings and Reviews. Here’s why:

  • It find’s your App’s fans using App Analytics!
  • It avoids software updates; adjust settings and customize it from the Dashboard.
  • It works with Feedback widget to send user issues straight to you.

Rating Booster has prompt and button text for all iOS supported languages (over 30). Customize the ones you want and use our defaults for the rest.

Why You Need It

The Short Answer

  • Apps that prompt for Ratings get 100s of times more than those which don’t.
  • Apps that prompt fans get better Ratings.
  • Apps with more good Ratings move up in search results.

The Long Answer
App stores are big places with millions of Apps in them. Literally thousands of Apps match the typical search query. But, high quality ratings and reviews move Apps up in the search results!

Why? Because App Stores want customers to have a good experience and tend to push Apps with better ratings to the front.

Get Feedback • Learn About Issues

Rating Booster rating widget works with out Feedback collector to turn potentially negative reviews and issues into valuable feedback.

It helps:

  • Keep issues out of Reviews.
  • Find and fix bugs fast by sending feedback straight to you.
  • Improve your App user experience.
  • Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Turn users with issues and complaints into loyal fans that keep coming back.

Monitor Feedback And Respond

Rating Booster with Feedback collector helps you monitor and stay on top of things.

  • Feedback is instantly displayed on your App’s Dashboard.
  • Converse with users having difficulties or to get more details.
  • Get individual & daily feedback reports by email.

No App should be without this amazing tool, and we integrate with most third party support and issue tracking services.

Monitor Reviews

Reviews heavily impact downloads and revenue and are an important indicator of user satisfaction.

You can’t afford to ignore them, that’s why AskingPoint:

  • Collects all your reviews from around the world in one place.
  • Provides a handy translate tool to help with languages you understand.

How Rating Booster Works

The Rating Booster Rating Prompt uses Analytics to find your App’s fans! These people use it a lot, and tend to give better, more informed reviews.

Fully Customizable

Add it to Apps with as little as one line of code.

Use settings, rules and tags to control everything else from the Dashboard. Change who sees it, when, where and how often… any time, in real-time.

Avoid Software Updates, Stop Wasting Time

You can’t do what we do with open source rating widgets, and you shouldn’t try. Spend your time and money making your Apps better!

Customize Everything Quickly & Easily

No need to write code to customize Rating Booster. Do it from the Dashboard, in real-time.

Customize Prompts

Rating Booster has default prompts for over 30 languages. But, you can change any language using the Dashboard editor.

Customize Appearance

Rating Booster uses standard HTML and CSS to create native prompts. If your App needs a prompt with a native look and feel, you can edit the default template.

Measure Results

See how Rating Booster Rating Prompt is working for your Apps, in real-time.

Rating Booster performance charts show how many users are being prompted and which buttons they select. It also includes data showing the correlation between Ratings and new devices.

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